Importance of Routine Inspections in Property Management

After the tenant’s screening, you will need to conduct regular property inspections to secure and protect your property as tenants who turn their rented houses as brothels or drug labs are becoming more and more prominent in the news; hence regular check-up is necessary to guarantee are doing them and abiding by the policies you have given them. This is not just something that landlords independently do or the property manager Jurupa Valley does, as this is mandated by law. The Residential Tenancies Act of 1997 stated that property shall be inspected every six months provided that there are more than 24 hours written notice given to the tenant. The same legislation also provided that the first inspection can be done three months after the tenant moves into the house.

The importance of Routine Inspections

The inspection does not just guarantee that your house in good condition, but also ensures that there is regular contact between the tenants, the landlord, and the property manager, and gives the opportunity to the tenants to raise some issues regarding the house and maintenance. The following are the reason why routine inspection is important:

1.Maintenance Issues

Maintenance is very important to do into ensuring that the tenants are living comfortably in the house. There will be maintenance issues that will develop over time but catching them before they worsen will help a great deal. Inspect for loose floorboards, leaky faucets, pests, loose shingles and siding, and drainage problems. If there are hints of issues, the repair must be done immediately.

2.Lease Violations

The tenants need to sign a rental agreement before moving into the property. However, some tenants do not adhere to the regulations, and so, inspection is crucial to ensure that the property is in good hands, and those lease policies are properly implemented in the house.

Inspection is also important to check if the tenants are not making any illegal activities inside the house or putting in some drugs and illegal materials in your property.

3.Checking Out the Tenants

After inspecting the property, ask the tenants if there are problems os issues that they are experiencing in the house, as they are the ones who are constantly living in the property day by day. This also provides communication to the property manager, landlord, and the tenants and build a good relationship.

The tenants might have something to say like strange things that are happening and it is crucial to inform the property manager and the landlord about this to prevent further casualties.

4. Alert You with the Damages

There could be damages that are left out during the move-in inspection. While some of them are caused by the tenants, others could also be your responsibility. To understand what is happening, it is important to ask the tenants about each issue of the house.

To conclude, regular inspection needs to be done for two reasons: First, to check the house for possible issues, damages, problems, and unusual activities. Second, to maintain communication with the tenants and secure their comfort in the property.